6 Science Experiments that Kids and Adults will love. 

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There IS a reason! 


The Easter… Bilby? Learn about Australia’s version of the Easter Bunny here: youtu.be/6Rjy2-520KM

The world’s largest salamander has its own theme song. It involves a theremin and stylophone. ‘Nuff said. 

Make an out-of-this-world marble run using household items! This craft project is both a fun toy as well as a great hands-on lesson in physics.

Cooking up a plate of fluffy buttermilk pancakes isn’t just a great life skill, it’s also an opportunity to work in some serious math and science lessons. Plus, the results are delicious! 

Who writes a song for a microscopic animal that can survive 300 and -400 degrees Fahrenheit, and 1000x more radiation than any other animal? The Microscopic Septet! 

Learn how to make them here: http://www.pbs.org/parents/adventures-in-learning/2013/10/spoooktacular-science-treats/
Science. It’s electric. Happy #TBT!

Science. It’s electric. Happy #TBT!

Words of newborn wisdom from Hank Green’s YouTube show, SciShow!

"You know what’s weird? Babies. They cry but don’t produce tears; they can crawl before they can … crawl. And they have MORE BONES THAN YOU! Learn more about these and other odd truths about newborn miniature humans."

Introducing Adventures in Learning; a blog and video series that encourages parents to spend meaningful time with their children while sneaking in some learning.
In the first episode, encourage your kids to look to the stars by making pocket star guides. Then go out stargazing to explore the night sky.
Have a blast with these DIY rockets! Construct a rocket out of recycled items and household materials, then countdown to your very own liftoff and fly around!