"Oh hey! Is that… Nope. Nevermind."

The latest installment of “Things that look like other things.” You’re welcome. Happy Wednesday.

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We now return to, “Things That Look Like Other Things: Baby/Kid Themes.” If you’re having trouble making the connections, check the captions for clarification.*

*Just kidding. It blatantly states the connection. Reeeeeeally hope this is just another case of “unnecessary asterisk strikes again.”

In this segment of “Things That Look Like Other Things” I give you “Muppets are People, Too!” 

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Sure, some of these are probably a little unnerving (Chucky.) Sure, some of these people tried too hard to establish the connection (Elton.) Yeah, some all of them should just be happy that their baby looks like their baby (T. Swift All.)

…That being said, this website is AWESOME.

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