No, this is not the 4 year old Mensa inductee (

but she’s pretty close! And pretty cute!

I can’t decide if they should have been singing, “I’m a little sneeze pot, short and snout,” “The not-so-itsy, not-so-bisty booger came down the nostril spout.”

Either way, homegirl reacts perfectly.

If you look hard enough, you can see Friday!

If you look hard enough, you can see Friday!

Making a STINK about PINK, what do you THINK?

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be friends with a Leprechaun! She will be sorely disappointed when she finds out there is no treasure - a situation which is NOT, in fact, magically delicious. 

Shmile, all you Strawberry Shortcake lovers out there. This freckled first grader refuses to frown, and for that, I am thoroughly thankful. 

How’s that for a configuration of alliteration obliteration? Take it under consideration.


Ladies and gentlemen, I leave you today with this gem. If I could motivate you to watch this video as well as this little girl, you’d already be watching it.