What Dinner Looks Like in my Household…

Step 1: Step 1

Step 2: Step 2

Step 3: Step 3

Rinse and repeat!



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Tumblers and Tumbelinas everywhere: What would you say if I told you that we have curated playlists on our new YouTube channel featuring the BEST family friendly videos about the BEST family friendly topics? You got it: Planes, trains, Sesame Street, Construction, animals, Barney… the list goes on. We pick ‘em, you watch ‘em (hence the name, PBS Parents’ Picks…) 


Once If the initial shock of something SO awesome has settled down, check out our channel, subscribe and leave comments of what else you’d like to see. http://www.youtube.com/pbsparentspicks. Have any questions? Want a direct link to a playlist? Send us a message on here or on YouTube :)

Here’s our “welcome” video, despite my push to call it the “YOU’RE WELCOME” video.

Daniel Tiger is coming! Watch this sneak peek preview where Daniel’s friends and family help him develop a “strange love” for the doctor.

Heh…Heh… get it? Dr. Strangelove? Sorry… that I’m not sorry!

For more information on the new Mr. Rogers’ spin-off, click here: http://www.pbs.org/parents/daniel

Off Book is a super successful PBS Arts web series and is part of PBS Digital Studios. You should check it out!* Our arts department may be small but it’s unbelievably mighty!

*No seriously, check it out: http://www.youtube.com/user/PBSoffbook You want BIG brownie points? Here’s how to earn them - whether you said yes or no: subscribe to their channel!

Well… this is awkward. It was nice to MEAT you?

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Go on! It’s Friday! GET OUTTA HERE!

Go on! It’s Friday! GET OUTTA HERE!

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Sh*t scientists say?

Sh*t scientists say?


PBS Parents Tumblr Challenge: Try to watch this entire video (from the always inspiring pre-Tom-Bergeron-era of AFV) without involuntarily mimicking one of these faces.


"Bob Saget fo’ lyfe." - Abraham Lincoln

Playing with your food is legal in all 50 [nifty] states! Get your famished phalanges on some flatware and get to fixin’!

What parents do when babies are sleeping, part 2. 

To learn more about the book, When My Baby Sleeps, click here: http://milasdaydreams.blogspot.com/

I’m pretty sure the first sign says it all…

What do you think this is, FRIDAY? Get to work! 

But seriously, child labor isn’t funny. Babies on laptops? That’s another story. 

Some people actually use Chatroulette for good. Exhibit A: See Above.

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Have you ever wished that the news was shorter? You fished your wish! Check out these mini-anchors with major sass. Featuring special pint-sized guests the Dalai Lama and Michelle Obama, these super-cute shrinky dinks serve up the news on silver step-stools. Which pocket-sized pair is your favorite?

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