"Oh hey! Is that… Nope. Nevermind."

The latest installment of “Things that look like other things.” You’re welcome. Happy Wednesday.

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And the return of my favorite tumblr, pbsheygirl!

And the return of my favorite tumblr, pbsheygirl!

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Talk about edible art! If you like food, art, and Adobe food-o-shop (<— you can’t like that because I just made it up) here are some great portraits for you. Can’t guess who is who? Click on the pics for some clarifi-taste-tion, and of course my carb conscious comments. I mean come on, Margherita Thatcher? That’s gold, people. Although, I guess a rice portrait of Condoleezza Rice doesn’t require much…

Contributing artists:

Jason Mercier

Katherine Kalnes


Papa John’s

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Sing! Cante! Join special guest stars on Sesame Street as they sing songs with a Spanish twist - it’s a great way to learn some new words in Spanish!


Phun with Photoshop phrum around the web.

I’m not sure that I have an appropriate excuse for this post, aside from the fact that it’s Monday morning. 

Sure, some of these are probably a little unnerving (Chucky.) Sure, some of these people tried too hard to establish the connection (Elton.) Yeah, some all of them should just be happy that their baby looks like their baby (T. Swift All.)

…That being said, this website is AWESOME.

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